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Keeping Birthyears and Genders safe on this site

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In order to protect the privacy of the underage crowd I have disabled the zodiac symbols that use to appear in the user information.

Unfortunately our forum host ( does not currently allow the actual removal of the age display... Which is something I find incredibly dangerous and unintelligent. What you can do if you so desire is remove the BIRTH YEAR on your profile information. This artificially removes the age display.

Or if you want to have more fun with it, you can do what Cara and I have done and make your age something outrageous by adding in a false year (please make sure that the year will make you well over 100 though - if you need a year and aren't feeling inventive use: 1600)

For those of you worried about creepy predators learning your age and gender - I suggest you also set your gender as "unknown"

Thank you for your time

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